Newsletter No. 51 (July 2007)


Renata Osborne
Manager, Menzies Precinct
Australian National University Library

1. Major acquisitions


CNKIís Century Project Journals

The Library has purchased the back-files to approximately 1144 journal titles in the FGHJ series of the Chinese Academic Journals database. Access is now available to the inaugural issue for these titles.

Chaoxing Shuzi Tushuguan 超星数字图书馆 (SuperStar Digital Chinese Library)

The Library has purchased perpetual access to 7,143 electronic books. In December 2006 the Library successfully negotiated with SuperStar to purchase selected titles from their entire database rather than block purchases of set subject categories. This arrangement, although time-consuming to implement, allowed the Library to make selections that complement the existing collection and meet the diverse requirements of students and scholars. It should also mean less duplication of our print collection, although the extent of duplication will only be known after catalogue records from SuperStar are loaded into the library system.

Gujin Tushu Jicheng 古今圖書集成 (intranet version)


Senzen・Senchuki Ajia Kenkyu Shiryo 戦前・戦中期アジア研究資料 - 植民地社会事業関係資料集

Dejitaru Onsei De-ta Be-su (electronic resource) デジタル音声データベースセットB&C

Shuyo horitsu zasshi supplement (electronic resource) Jurisuto Tsuiho-ban

Japanese High Court judgements (electronic resource) 1955-2002

2. Staff news

Li Li has joined the Vernacular Technical Team as Technical Services Assistant and will work in Chinese acquisitions.

Minseon Lee has joined us on a temporary basis to assist with the cataloguing of Korean language material. This material is part of donations received from the Universityís Centre for Korean Studies.

3. Off-site Repository

The Library is to relocate a portion of its collections to an off-campus repository in Hume. The Hume Store will eventually house 24,000 linear metres of material drawn from the Libraryís five major buildings. The relocation project will reduce shelf occupancy levels on campus to 75% in order to allow for future growth.

The primary material targeted for relocation is periodicals, with the removal of all pre-1990 journals and all journals which have electronic equivalents. The remaining shelf space will be gained from removing less-used formed monograph collections.

These principles will be applied to the Asian language collections as well. In practice this means that approximately 1,222 metres of pre-1990 East Asian serials will be relocated to Hume, of which 716 metres are of Chinese periodicals, 445 metres of Japanese periodicals and 41 metres of Korean periodicals. There are a further 166 metres of post-1990 periodicals with online equivalents to be relocated, mostly of titles carried on Chinese Academic Journals Online. Some 84 metres of older reference journals will also be relocated.

Monographs with electronic equivalents such as Siku Quanshu and Gujin Tushu Jicheng will be relocated. Additional, less-used monographs, will also be relocated including selected areas of the Harvard Yenching collection, the LC collection, and sections of the China and Japan uncatalogued collections. In relation to the uncatalogued collections, a project will be put in place to create online catalogue records for these works. A total of approximately 1,300 metres of monograph material from the East Asian collections will be relocated to Store.

The Library will establish a book retrieval and document delivery service from Hume Store with a 24-hour turn around time. Hume Store will have a reading room and user facilities should they be required.

The relocation of material will begin in the 2nd half of 2007 and the whole project is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

4. Visitors

An eight member group from the Cultural Information Resource Sharing Network of Guangdong Province visited Menzies in early February and spent half a day with Division of Information staff discussing our experiences with library resource sharing. The delegation was shown developments such as the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, the use of D-Space at ANU (Demetrius) for the preservation and dissemination of archival collections, ANU E-Press, and Library consortia ventures. It was an informative and informal session and enjoyed by all who participated.

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