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Newsletter No. 56 (July 2010)

Taiwan Studies Collection: Airiti

David Lai
International Business

Airiti Inc.


Taiwan-based Airiti Inc. has setup to provide reliable sources for academic research and the easy of access information since the company’s inception.  This article aims to introduce Airiti’s databases giving Taiwan Studies scholars more insights of finding information on Taiwan resources.

Airiti Library
Airiti Library contains more than 3000 journals published in Taiwan and academic journals published in China. Besides journals, it holds a collection of dissertation (CETD), proceedings, seminar papers and E-books. There are more than 2 million of full texts available for research in major fields.


Taiwan Electronic Periodical Service (TEPS)
TEPS provides more than 900 journals from 850 publishers such as societies, universities and government bodies. It is a unique database containing  journals published in Taiwan in five subjects, the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences,  and medical and life sciences. Scholarly journals  such as Taiwan Historical Research (臺灣史研究),  Journal of Cross-Strait Studies (兩岸發展史研究); Journal of Taiwanese Vernacular (臺語研究); Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies (臺灣社會研究), and majority of journal titles in TEPS are the leading  journals in Taiwan, indexed by academic indices worldwide, eg. SCI, SSCI, EI and TSSCI.

Chinese Electronic Periodical Service (CEPS)
CEPS provides full text access to Chinese language journals in the area of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, and medical & life Sciences published in Taiwan and China. The table shown below presents the statistical comparison between CEPS and TEPS.

CEPS and TEPS Statistics


Chinese Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (CETD)
CETD is a platform that holds 78,357 full-text thesis and dissertations from 39 universities, the major source for thesis; dissertations from universities in Taiwan.

(Airiti Inc., 2009)



National Palace Museum online
Airiti’s National Palace Museum (NPM) Online database offers the most comprehensive e-content  for ancient Chinese art treasures, a valuable resource for libraries, art schools, museums and cultural institutions.  NPM Online contains 20,000 images and related descriptive articles of the art pieces in the collection of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.

NPM Online contains three periodicals, namely the National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art, the National Palace Museum Research Quarterly, and the National Palace Museum Quarterly published by National Palace Museum ranging from 1966 to date. It contains full-text articles and images.


World fine ART Database (ART) 世界美術資料庫
ART is a work art collection designed for teachers & students containing more than 65,000 art pieces of over 800 artists from Taiwan & China. This database includes documentation of art reviews, research papers, and multimedia images from 1980s.

Airiti books
A collection of 20,000 ebooks from prestigious societies, publishers, universities and government publications in Taiwan is available on this platform.

KMT Microfilm for Modern Chinese History
Kuomintang is a political party with a long history dates back to 1894 [1]. This is a collection of historical data ranging from 1894 to 1980, of original pieces from the past local government communiqué, newspapers, KMT association periodicals and the documentary of letters, scripts, meeting minutes, speech drafts, contracts and more, with topics are covering from politics, diplomacy, military affairs, interior affair and economics. It is the main source for research in modern politics and economic development not only for Taiwan and but also during the KMT’s presence in China.
Prestige universities, such as the University of Melbourne, Standard and Academia Sinica have required this valuable archive for their collections.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Video Footage of Social Movements

The Democratic Progressive Party, refers mostly as the DPP governed ROC from 2000 to 2008, is Taiwan's first opposition party to the Kuomintang (KMT), who has governed the island for more than 50 years [2]. The DPP video footage of social movements is a historical audio-visual film collection made by the party recording important historical events that underwent during and before their governance period.

This Visual collection comes with a whole video content, including the videos since the establishment of the DPP, it also includes major incidents recorded such as the following:

  1. The Kaohsiung Incident (美麗島事件),
  2. Cheng Nan-jung self-immolation incident (鄭南榕自焚事件),
  3. A nuclear-free home protest (非核家園抗爭),
  4. The regime (DPP) in the 2000 election process (兩千年總統大選首次獲得執政黨政權之競選過程),
  5. Mayors, county executives and officials during the election campaigns (歷屆縣市長與民意代表競選過程與造勢晚會),
  6. the redshirts rallies protests documentary and other activities (紅衫軍倒扁活動紀實等).

This collection also contains 1,200 volumes of historical data, a rich collection for the study of early democracy in Taiwan.

Contact information:

David Lai,
Airiti Inc.


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