Newsletter No. 56 (July 2010)

A Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne


Dear EARLGA colleagues and readers,

Welcome to the issue no. 56 of the EALRGA Newsletter!  This issue brought to you my third Newsletter since I take up the editor’s role.

In the current issue, apart from institutional reports, the Newsletter highlights two articles on library collections and another two articles on electronic databases. There are two reports on ASAA Conference held in July this year. From the ASAA Conference reports, I am delighted to see that Asian Librarians in Australia had actively participated ASAA Conference by addressing library resources to Asian Studies postgraduates, and also took turns to man the librarian’s table at the Conference for promoting institutional library collection and services.

I would like to congratulate my colleague Michelle Hall whose paper “Collaboration and Cooperation in Asian Library Resource Collections" presented at the Academic Librarian 2: Singing in the Rain, Conference held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in March was accepted for publication in the journal “Library Management.”[1]  I would like to acknowledge Andrew Gosling for his valuable time polishing an article for me, and I would also like to thank Catherine Ingram who had responded to my invitation submitting an article giving an overview of the Kam-people related resources held at the University of Melbourne Library.[2]

As the editor, I aim to balance articles and news about Chinese, Japanese and Korean Library resources and activities in order to cater to the need of EALRGA stakeholders. However, in this issue, articles and news are falling onto Chinese aspects than others. I would like to encourage all East Asian librarian colleagues to join with me contributing information about the resources and news in your library to share with the East Asian studies and library community.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this issue. The coming issue no.57 will be published in December 2010. Call for articles, reports and news for the December 2010 issue is currently open and the deadline will be 20th December 2010.
Below provides the guidelines for submitting articles to the EALRGA Newsletter.

  1. Document format: MSWord or html format.

  2. Article length: Currently no limit.  Long articles prefer in html format.

  3. Reference style: Chicago 15th A. Use Endnotes instead of footnotes.

  4. Images are most welcome.

EALRGA Newsletter values your contribution and I look forward to your continuous support in the coming issue.

Bick-har Yeung





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