Newsletter No. 58 (July 2011)

News Release from Oriprobe Information Services, Inc

John Chou

Oriprobe Information Services, Inc.



Oriprobe Information Services, Inc.'s China/Asia on Demand (CAOD) will be included in Serials Solutions’ Summon web-scale discovery service.

Serials Solutions signed an agreement on July 20, 2011 with Oriprobe Information Services, Inc. to enable the discovery of its China/Asia on Demand (CAOD) content. With the inclusion of CAOD, researchers now will be able to discover materials from a comprehensive collection of Chinese science, technology and medicine serials and information for their research projects.

Through this agreement with Oriprobe, Serials Solutions is able to help users discover yet another diverse and sought-after source of information. Boasting more than 36 million journal articles, CAOD features a vast collection of reliable information spanning Chinese arts and humanities, medical and scientific research, and business information. While the most of the journals available are published in China, many researchers rely on CAOD as a valuable resource for information published across all of Asia.

“CAOD’s content is valued by researchers and libraries, and we are delighted with this agreement to offer Summon users with even more authoritative content for their research.” said Mike Buschman, director of product management for the Summon service at Serials Solutions.


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