Newsletter No. 60 (July 2012)


Report from ANU

Darrell Dorrington, China/Korea Librarian, and Toshio Takagi, Japanese Librarian


News from the Australian National University Library
Our latest acquisitions such as the remaining CNKI serials categories, Shanghai Library’s Late Qing and Republican Era Full-Text Journals Databases, the Guoxue Baodian and others as listed below are now available for access to ANU staff and students.  Detailed bibliographic records will be gradually added to our catalogue and some items will be available under normal ILL rules to interested scholars in the field.

General Collection
Our academics have strongly applauded our purchase of the full-text back-files to the New York Times (1851 to the present).
Meanwhile, one of the other more useful additions has been the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports (1941-1996). This huge online database offers instant and remote access to a broad range of translated, summarised or original material from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond from this crucial period.

Another popular acquisition has been the Routledge e-books for Asian studies.  This collection consists of over 366 e-books with an Asian focus, published by Routledge over the years in subjects such as History, Film and Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Religion, Anthropology, Politics and International Relations, and many more.

China Collection

  • 国学宝典online database of classic texts
  • North China Herald 1850-1940s [full-text online]: Brill (English)
  • Late Qing Full-Text Serials  [302 titles] (Shanghai Library) (中文)
  • Republican Era Full-Text Serials Parts 1-6 of 10 parts [Parts 1-5 (approx. 10,000 titles) already available] (Shanghai Library) (中文)
  • China Academic Journals Full-Text Database – the science categories – with with marc records for categories F,G,H and J (中文)
  • Two Chinese-language newspapers from Thailand in microform:
    • 世界日報Shi Jie ri bao (Jan 1965 – Jan 1974 – 55 reels)
    • 世界晚報Shi jie Wan bao (Jan 1965 – Jan 1973 – 17 reels)
  • Hong Kong University Press eBooks from Apabi [a number of titles in both English and Chinese]
  • China: Culture and Society (pamphlet collection from Cornell library) [online from Adam Matthew] This addition complements the two China collections already held, namely "China: trade, politics and culture 1793-1980" and "Foreign Office Files for China, 1949-1980".

Korea Collection
The library has been acquiring a significant range of feature films with English subtitles from North Korea.  We have also successfully re-installed the Korean National Assembly Digital Library connection on a dedicated PC in the Menzies building and also registered on our academics’ behalf for access to the Naver News Library.

We also continue to receive generous resource donations from our relevant exchange partners and the recent part-time appointment of a staff member with Korean language expertise has greatly improved the processing and availability of our services to our Korean clientele.

Darrell Dorrington, China/Korea Librarian

Japan Collection

1. Asahi Shinbun Shukusatsuban (朝日新聞縮刷版), Meiji period 1888-1898 (69vols.)
This completes our holdings for the period 1888 to 2010
Publisher: Asahi Shinbun

2. Jiji Shinpo (時事新報) Meiji period 1882-1912 (271 reels) [Microform]
Publisher: Jiji Shinpo

3. 植民地帝国人物叢書 満州編 Shokuminchi Teikoku Jinbutsu Sosho (Manshu hen)  (25 vols. + 1 suppl.)
Publisher: Yumani Shobo 2011
This item offers an opportunity to re-examine the administration of colonial Manchuria by the Japanese imperial authority.
It provides valuable biographical information of the people involved in the administration of Manchuria and is an important basic research/teaching material for historical analysis.

4. 戦後日本学力調査資料集 Sengo Nihon Gakuryoku Chosa Shiryoshu (24 vols.)
Publisher: Nihon Tosho Senta 2011
Japanese school children have not performed well in recent years according to some international surveys.
This item provides various reports/results of surveys/tests conducted by the Japanese government following the Second World War.
The set offers an unrivaled perspective on how the Japanese education system developed and is an excellent basic research resource.

5. Nikkatsu 100th Anniversary (100 DVDs)
Publisher: Nikkatsu
This set covers the major films produced by Nikkatsu over the previous 100 years.

6. Toyo Keizai Economic data CD ROM

1. The Representation of Japan in Modern East Asia, 1872-1948  (40 vols.)
Publisher:  Netherlands : Brill, 2011

2. Title: Imperial Japan and the world, 1931-1945 (4 vols.)
Publisher: Taylor & Francis, 2010
Format: Print
The transformation of Japan in the years between 1931 and 1945 into an expansionist and potentially hegemonic power that threatened the stability of the international order in East Asia is a topic that is central to any understanding of the region’s history in the twentieth century. This is an important book for both research and teaching.

New journal subscription:
Contemporary Japan: journal of the German Institute for Japanese Studies (online)
Publisher:  Germany : De Gruyter

Toshio Takagi, Japanese Librarian


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