Newsletter No. 60 (July 2012)


News from the NLA (2): Librarians visited the National Library of Australia

Di Pin Ouyang 【歐陽迪頻】

A group of 35 delegates from the Library Society of China visited the National Library of Australia on 19 April. The delegates are mainly from a range of provincial libraries in China. The event began with a welcome speech by Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, Director General, followed by a presentation given by Ms Pam Gatenby, Assistant Director-General. Pam’s presentation focused on the priorities functions and digital initiatives at the NLA. The tour of Library started after the exchange of gifts and photographs. A number of significant Chinese collection items were put up for display in the Asian Reading Room. The impressive display covered from the early ‘Gold rush proclamation in Victoria’ to the contemporary unique collections of theme stamps and pith paintings.



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