Newsletter No. 61 (January 2013)

Message from the President

Bick-har Yeung

The University of Melbourne Library

Dear EALRGA readers,

Welcome to the no. 61 (January 2013) issue of the EALARGA Newsletter.

In this issue we welcomed Ms Ayako Hatta, the Japanese Studies Librarian at Monash University Library to step in the EALRGA Newsletter editor while Ms Michelle Hall has stepped down to take up the role as library representative on the Asian Studies Association of Australia executive council. On behalf of the EALRGA Committee, I would like to thank Michelle and Ayako for their contributions to the EALRGA Newsletter and wish Michelle all the best in her new role.

The EALRGA Committee is committed to organising library activities during East Asian studies conferences held in Australia and use the Newsletter as a platform for sharing East Asian library activities and resources. This year as usual the Committee will be organising library booths and library panels during Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies conferences held in June and July. If your library is interested to participate, please contact the following colleagues:

  1. Chinese Studies Association of Australia Conference, July 2013, Hobart.
    Bick-har Yeung  (bhy at unimelb.edu.au)

  2. Japanese Studies Association of Australia Conference, July 2013, Canberra
    Rebecca Wong  (Rebecca.Wong  at anu.edu.au), and Ayako Hatta (ayako.hatta  at monash.edu)

  3. Korean Studies Association of Australasia Conference, June 2013, Canberra.
    Jung Sim Kim (jung.sim.kim at monash.edu)

Please remember that the EALRGA provides modest financial support to individuals or organisations involved in conferences or activities related to East Asian librarianship. More information about this financial support can be found from the following link: http://www.ealrga.org.au/index.html

The EALRGA web site has been migrated from the ANU's Coomb server to its current address since last year: http://www.ealrga.org.au/. The Committee is indebted to the ANU Coombs hosting the EALRGA web sites for many years, and Ms Wan Wong who set up the new web site and the migration of the web contents.

Wishing everyone a successful and prosperous 2013, Year of the Snake!

Bick-har Yeung
President, EALRGA
The University of Melbourne Library


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