Newsletter No. 62 (July 2013)

A Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Ayako Hatta

Asian Studies Research Collection
Monash University Library

Welcome to the 62nd EALRGA Newsletter! This issue has been filled with articles, conference papers, conferences reports and news with focus on recent biennale conferences around Australia. We also got an article of great achievement from Dennis Kishere who has recently retired from Monash University Library. Congratulations Dennis!

This year we see a change to have new EALRGA Committee member. We already had this year's EALRGA Annual General Meeting, the first attempt to connect via Skype for a joint meeting between Canberra and Melbourne sites. Unfortunately we had to reconnect to the ordinal phone line but we had several good discussions and reports during the meeting.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue. The next EALRGA Newsletter is No.63 and it will be published in January 2014. I would like to encourage all Asian librarian colleagues to join with me contributing information about the resources and news in your library to share with the Asian studies and library community. The success of the EALRGA Newsletter will depend on your support. Please send your latest collection news, conference papers and reports, and other news to me.

Warmest wishes, 

Ayako Hatta

Guidelines for submitting articles to the EALRGA Newsletter:
1. Document format: MSWord or html format.
2. Article length: Currently no limit.  Long articles prefer in html format.
3. Reference style: Chicago 15th A. Use Endnotes instead of footnotes.
4. Images are most welcome.


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