Newsletter No. 62 (July 2013)

Report on the KSAA Biennial Conference 2013

Library Information Room & Roundtable discussion at Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA) Biennial Conference 2013, ANU 27-28 June a great success!

Darrell Dorrington and Jung-Sim Kim

Korean Studies Librarian at Monash Jung-Sim Kim organized two library-related functions at the Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA) Biennial Conference 2013. First, for the whole of 27 June, Jung-Sim Kim, Korean Studies Librarian at Monash University, Darrell Dorrington, the China/Korea librarian at the ANU and Jung-Ok Park from the National Library of Australia had a "Library Information Room" in the Law Link Theatre to share information and support researchers. All of three librarians participated both in hosting the drop-in sessions and preparing the displays. The day's meals and refreshments were strategically served in the corridor outside the theatre so as to maximise scholar access to the Information Room. The Room featured a book and materials display as well as drop-in sessions for users and potential users.  The ANU library outreach team's "Keep Calm and Ask a Librarian" library bag [pictured on the Information Room door] featured heavily in the Library Information Room and throughout the conference. It helped raise the visibility of the library contingent at the conference and the vital contribution that librarians make to the academic endeavour.


Displays from Monash University included book and non-book formats materials on Korean architecture, Korean language, and Korean culture, while the NLA had a display on North Korea and the ANU displayed Korean DVDs. The Library Information Room was an activity of the East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA) and Asian Libraries in Melbourne (ALIM).


The second activity was a roundtable discussion entitled "Researching Korea: views from librarians and academics". The two academics participating in the roundtable, both from Monash University, were Professor Bruce Jacobs and Associate Professor Gil-Soo Han, who discussed how Korean Studies librarians had assisted with their research. The three other presenters, all librarians, were Jung-Sim Kim, Korean Studies librarian at Monash University, Yunah Sung, Korean Studies librarian as well as Acting Asian Studies Librarian at the University of Michigan, and Darrell Dorrington, China/Korea librarian at the ANU. After the presentations, a valuable discussion followed including comments made by several librarians from the ANU Library, the NLA and the University of Auckland as well as researchers.

The discussion included exchange of experiences and views on researching Korea, how to support researchers more effectively and efficiently, how to provide Korea-related information and research skills to search databases, how to build professional relationships between librarians and academic researchers, and resource sharing between librarians in various areas including research skill classes.

Other issues raised included cooperation between librarians in Australasia to share resources and building professional relationships with academics and researchers to support and provide adequate information for their academic achievement.



Yunah, Jung-Ok, Jee-Young, and Jung-Sim visited the Menzies Library at the ANU, where the Korean materials are located, during afternoon tea time 28 June. Darrell kindly gave us a tour of the Library. The Menzies Library is home to the Asia-Pacific Collection. The ground floor has an exhibition for the Library's 50th anniversary.



We also got together with other librarians and researchers to exchange ideas and improve our services to researchers on Korea during the reception of the KSAA.

Darrell, China/Korea librarian at the ANU mentioned that it was good to see local libraries represented in the audience, including the ANU, NLA and the University of Auckland, and invaluable contacts were made or refreshed during the conference.

Jung-Sim, Korean Studies Librarian at Monash University, was pleased to share and exchange experiences and views on researching Korea from other librarians as well as researchers during the roundtable discussion. The goals of the discussion were to help librarians better appreciate the needs of researchers and help researchers understand where specialist librarians may assist. As an outcome of these activities, Korean researchers made appointments for using and searching Korean databases with her.

Our thanks go to everyone involved in setting up the "Library Information Room", especially Professor Hyaeweol Choi, KSAA Conference Chair, and Daniel Chua, Program Coordinator, who provide the space and other logistics. Also thanks to those people who attended the roundtable discussion "Researching Korea: views from Librarians and Academics" at the Conference.



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