Newsletter No. 62 (July 2013)

Report on 2013 Election of the EALRGA Committee members

Bick-har Yeung

Outgoing President, EALRGA
The University of Melbourne Library

The East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA) is a group which aims to promote awareness of East Asian library resources and librarianship in Australia, and enhance interaction among library professionals, scholars and anyone interested in East Asian studies. The committee on EALRGA comprises of 5 positions. However during the 2011-2013 term of service, the 5 positions were held by 4 members, Ms Wan Wong had taken up the Treasurer and the Web Maintainer positions.

The 2013 EALRGA election of committee members was carried out in April 2013 via email communications. A call for nominations email of the following office bearers in an election were sent to Asian and East Asian Librarians in major Australian libraries:

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Newsletter editor
  4. Treasurer
  5. Web Maintainer

The term of office is two years from 1st May 2013 to 30th April 2015.

To be eligible to be a candidate, nominees must have employment with public/academic East Asia/Asia libraries least to the end of the term of office.

By 30 April, 2013, four nominations were reached via email to Bick-har Yeung, the then EALRGA President and were copied to all the recipients. The proposers provided the following information:

  1. Name of Proposer
  2. Position of the office bearer
  3. Name of the Nominee
  4. Seconder
  5. A statement of why the nominee is nominated for the position and an acceptance of nomination by the nominee.

The four nominations were: 
Ms Rebecca Wong, the president;
Ms Di Pin Ouyang, the secretary;
Mr. Darrell Dorrington, the treasurer;
Ms Ayako Hatta, the newsletter editor

Since there were no objection received for these nominations. Therefore the new EALRGA office bearers for the term 2013-2015 were finalised with effect from 1st May 2013:
Ms Rebecca Wong, the president;
Ms Di Pin Ouyang, the secretary;
Mr. Darrell Dorrington, the treasurer;
Ms Ayako Hatta, the newsletter editor;
Ms Wan Wong, the web maintainer (temporarily)*.

*There has been no nomination to the web maintainer, Ms Wan Wong, NLA had kindly agreed to volunteer this position until the new team recruits a new person to continue this service. This position was later filled by Ms Jung Sim Kim, Korean Studies Librarian, Monash University Library.

I am thrilled with joy that the EALRGA is again in good hands. On behalf of the outgoing EALRGA Committee, I would like to congratulate the new EALRGA Committee and wish that they have a very successful term of service.

Last but not the least I would like to thank my team, Ms Rebecca Wong, Ms Wan Wong, Ms Michelle Hall, Ms Ayako Hatta for their hard work and contributions during their full or part term of service from March 2011 to April 2013. 

During this time, the outgoing Committee had achieved the followings:

  1. Produced new bookmarks for EALRGA.
  2. Published the EALRGA Newsletters:  no.58 (July 2011); no.59 (January 2012); no 60 (July 2012; no 61 (January 2013).
  3. Digitalised all issues of the EALRGA Newsletter back to issue no.1 (1978) and were available online.
  4. Hosted EALRGA General Meeting and Round Table Discussion on Chinese Collections, 13 July 2011, ANU, Canberra.
  5. Hosted an EALRGA library booth at CSAA Conference,  14-15 July 2011.
  6. Organised a Library panel on “Researching China with major Chinese Collections in Australia” at CSAA Conference 14-15 July 2011. Speakers were Bick-har Yeung, Dennis Kishere, Niv Horesh and Di Ouyang.
  7. Sponsored  Mr Tsunemasa Okamoto, Digital Library Division, National Diet Library, Japan attending the 17th JSAA biennial conference in Melbourne 2011, presenting a paper entitled “The Big Leap Into Digitisation: How the National Diet Library’s Initiative Improves its Services to Scholars Overseas”.
  8. Created ANU Alliance site 'EALRGA - Central Register for Major Chinese Resources’, July 2011.
  9. Migrated the EALRGA web site from http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/NLA/EALRGA/   to the new server http://alra.org.au/index.html , April 2012.
  10. Host an EALRGA Library booth and AGM at ASAA Conference, 11-13 July, UWS, Parramatta.
  11. Rebecca Wong spoke to CEAL Librarians about EALRGA, March 2012, Toronto.
  12. Planning for CSAA, JSAA and KSAA library panels and library booths 2013.


I am in particular grateful to ANU colleagues, who assisted to host the EALRGA web site at http://coombs.anu.edu.au/  in the past years, and Ms Wan Wong who had spent her own time scanning and uploading all back issues of the EALRGA Newsletter (http://alra.org.au/newsletter.html) online.

I have attached the nomination details as an appendix for future reference.
Bick-har Yeung
Outgoing EALRGA President

Nomination of the EALRGA President:

  1. Name of Proposer: Bick-har Yeung, the University of Melbourne Library.
  2. Position of the office bearer: President, EALRGA.
  3. Name of the Nominee: Ms Rebecca Wong, the Australian National University Library.
  4. Seconder:  Ms Michelle Hall, the University of Melbourne Library.
  5. A statement of why the nominee is nominated for the position and an acceptance of nomination by the nominee.

I would like to nominate Ms Rebecca Wong as the President of the EALRGA.  I have known Rebecca for 20 plus years while we both were colleagues at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Rebecca serves the EARLGA as the Secretary for the term 2011-2013.

Rebecca is the Manager of the Menzies (Asia Pacific) Library of The Australian National University and has more than 18 years’ experience working in senior positions in libraries in Hong Kong, the Middle East and Australia.  She has worked with various library consortia in these two countries since the mid-90s’, and then in Australia since 2007.   Rebecca will be in a strong position to support EALRGA in encouraging mutual support and collaborations for East Asian library professionals and promote awareness and enhance interaction among scholars and anyone interested in East Asian studies in this very time of Asian Century. 

Rebecca has kindly accepted my nomination.

Nomination of the EALRGA Secretary:

  1. Name of Proposer: Wan Wong, NLA and current Treasurer.
  2. Position of the office bearer: Secretary, EALRGA.
  3. Name of the Nominee: Di Pin Ouyang, Asian Collections, NLA
  4. Seconded by: Rebecca Wong; Irina Chou; Yi Li.
  5. Statement of support:

Di has been in charge of the Chinese Unit in Asian Collections, NLA since 2008 and is currently acting as Manager of the whole Asian Collections section. She has been an active contributor to the newsletter as well as supporter of EALRGA activities at related conferences. She is well versed with both collection development, technical services and reader services work. Having a staff member from the Asian Collections section at the NLA on the EALRGA Committee is strategically important for the development of EALRGA, and Di is a strong candidate for that.

Di has kindly accepted the nomination.

Nomination of the EALRGA Treasurer:

  1. Name of Proposer: Rebecca Wong, the Australian National University.
  2. Position of the office bearer: Treasurer, EALRGA.
  3. Name of the Nominee: Darrell Dorrington, the Australian National University.
  4. Seconder: Hongli Jia.
  5. Statement of support:

Darrell has managed the China/Korea budget for the Menzies Library at the ANU since 2006 and has also had experience in property management and other private finance-related pursuits.  He has a strong commitment to Asian scholarship and the role of academic libraries in supporting that endeavour.

I am sure Darrell will excel in the position of Treasurer of EALRGA and will be an active and resourceful new member of the EALRGA Committee.

Darrell has kindly accepted the nomination.

Nomination of the EALRGA Newsletter Editor:

  1. Name of proposer: Michelle Hall, the University of Melbourne.
  2. Position of the office bearer: Newsletter editor.
  3. Name of the nominee: Ayako Hatta, Monash University.
  4. Seconder: Mayumi Shinozaki, the National Library of Australia.
  5. Statement of support:

Ayako has very ably stepped into to editor’s seat at short notice and has quickly learnt how to solicit articles, edit them and present them for a wide audience. It would be a shame for her skills and experience to go to waste after only two issues and I know she will be a wonderful encouragement for us all to keep submitting articles and keeping the Newsletter alive and relevant over the next two years.

Ayako has kindly accepted the nomination and she also has the ongoing support of colleagues both at Monash and Melbourne to assist her in her tasks.


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