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Newsletter No. 64 (August 2014)

News from the University of Melbourne

Michelle Hall

Japanese Studies Librarian
The University of Melbourne


The last week in July saw Melbourne University hosting the Gutenberg bible, on loan briefly from Manchester University’s John Rylands Library. As a complementary side exhibition, Bick-har placed on display a small exhibition in the Baillieu Library, showing Sacred texts from the East Asian Collection which will be on show until the end of the year. This display includes a Chinese Bible, a biography of a Chinese monk Sanzang, a Buddhist scriptures “Hokkekyo : shakyo to sogon. 法華経 : 写経と荘厳” , two books on the paintings of lohans, a copy of the Dunhuang manuscripts reprinted from the British Museum,  and a scroll decorated with a Taoist painting “The Scroll of Eighty-Seven Immortals”. The final weekend was also the Cultural Treasures Festival and the tail end of Rare Book Week, so Melbourne was the place to be for the bibliophile.

During July Michelle joined colleagues from Monash, ANU and the NLA in attending the ASAA conference at UWA.  We held a panel entitled “Issues in Australian Asian library collections: a national view of borders and spaces in a global reality” in which were papers by myself (“Considering a national collection development policy for “Asian Studies materials: a solution to budgetary and staffing issues in a not-very-digitised global space” – see full paper elsewhere this issue); Alex Philp and Di Pan Ouyang from the NLA spoke on “Supporting scholarship: web archiving for Asian Studies at the National Library of Australia” and Aline Scott-Maxwell and Amy Chan on “Electronic resources for Indonesian studies: the ideal and the reality”. Despite being held in a small room the audience was keen and discussion continued on into the tea break.

We were also, thanks to Ms Linda Papa at Reid Library, UWA, able to set up a Skype meeting with EARLGA colleagues in the eastern states and have quite a useful discussion. We look forward to the minutes soon.



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