Newsletter No. 65 (January 2015)

A new information centre at UTS: China Library

Wei Cai

Information Services Librarian,
(International, Arts and Social Science)
University Library
University of Technology, Sydney


China library In November, 2014, a new rich information centre: China Library was launched at UTS.  The China Library program was initiated by current Chinese President Xi Jinping to enable the world to experience all aspects of China.  UTS became the first university in Australia to be gifted with an entire library of resources about China by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

The China Library contains a collection of more than 5000 books and audio-visual resources relating to philosophy, politics, history, education, culture, science and technology, Chinese language and contemporary Chinese life.   Up to 50% of publications are in English or bilingual.  Besides the shelves of print books and DVDs, the library has a China Digital Library, a collection of over 74,500 e-books, reference materials, newspapers, fine arts collections and videos.  The multimedia interactive lectern engages users in learning Chinese calligraphy, characters and paintings, listening to Chinese music and songs and watching movies.

The China Library is located on Level 4 in the Blake Library at the City Campus.  It is an open area with specially designed displays and study spaces.  All print items including books and DVDs can be borrowed by the UTS community.  The China Digital Library can be accessed via 7 designated computers in the area and e-books can be borrowed through various devices, such as ipads.  The collection will be updated annually.


collection study

China Library – part of collection and study space


China Library - displays


China Library - multimedia interactive lecturn


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