Newsletter No. 65 (January 2015)

The Fourth Kyujanggak Workshop for
Korean Studies Librarians from Overseas

Jung-Sim Kim

Korean Studies Librarian
Monash University

August 2014, I attended the Fourth Kyujanggak Workshop for Korean Studies Librarians from Overseas. Using Korean as the workshop language, the workshop provided me with information on the latest trends in Korean Studies within Korea itself.

Several professors gave us lectures on various aspects of Korean Studies including Korean religious culture, history of Korean law, Korean traditional music, research trends in modern Korean literature, and the cultural significance of Hallyu (the Korean wave in other countries). We also received information on Korean databases, retrieving information, and open data in Korean Studies.

The handout workshop material "제4회 해외 한국학 사서 워크숍 강의 자료집 = The fourth KF-Kyujanggak workshop for Korean studies librarians from overseas" can be found at http://search.lib.monash.edu/MON:catau21252553760001751

The workshop attendees also participated in some sessions of the 7th Kyujanggak International Symposium on Korean Studies, entitled "East Asian Print Culture and Archives: Formation and Dissemination of Knowledge". The sessions were divided into "Premodern education and text," "The Relationship between publication of books and possession in traditional East Asia," "Authenticity, ideology and economics: curating and presenting Korea's heritage," "Printed text and strategies of knowledge dissemination in the rise and demise of Confucianism as a state ideology," "New trends in Korean Studies" and "Manuscripts and prints."

The handout for the symposium "동아시아 출판문화와 기록 : 지식의 형성과 유통 = East Asia print culture and archives : formation and dissemination of knowledge" can be found at http://search.lib.monash.edu/MON:catau21252553860001751

All sessions of the workshop were very informative and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the Korean traditional music performance by a music professor and her students during the Korean traditional music session, proved refreshing. Prior to the performance, the music professor explained the names of each musical instrument and how each instrument works


Music Session

Beside the classroom sessions, librarians of the Division of Royal Archives and Rare Books team of the Kyujanggak Institute of Korean Studies gave a guided tour of the Kyujanggak Royal Archives and Rare Books stack rooms. For the guided tour, attendees wore blue shoe covers before entering the stack rooms to protect materials from unwanted dust and dirty. Details about the Kyujanggak Collection can be found in the workshop handout.


Guided tour of the Kyujanggak collection

Although the workshop schedule was extraordinarily busy, the workshop provided opportunities to network widely in international Korean Studies. I am very grateful to everyone who made this workshop available. Hopefully, the workshop for overseas Korean Studies librarians will be held regularly and continue to provide valuable information about Korean Studies.



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